Solar 101

Everything that’s going on in solar

How Solar Works

The Concept of Solar

Our goal is to help you get lower electric bills by switching to solar power. Energy from solar panels can typically be sold back to your utility company to lower your expenses. It is also an important weapon in the fight against global warming.

Solar panels come with long power output warranties. Typically a minimum of 25 years.

In the past burning fossil fuels was the only way to get enough power for modern convenience. With the advent of solar energy there is a way to have all of the amenities that we are used to. Without pushing out pollution that is harmful to the environment.

Solar Net-Metering and Battery Backup

Solar for home or commercial can typically be set up in two ways. One method is to do what’s called net-metering. Where you sell power back to the utility company.

In situations where the utility company will not buy power back from you at a cost effective rate, battery backup is the option. This is also beneficial to people who want solar power that functions when the grid goes down.

Battery backup can provide energy independence and self sufficiency when paired with solar panels.

Do Your Research on Solar Salespeople

There are a lot of big promises made by sales people in the solar industry. It’s not that what they say is impossible, but many salesman fail to factor in tree shading and ideal south solar placement when making their savings calculations.

Ask your salesperson to provide you with monitoring data over a year for a customer they have installed. That installation should give you an idea of what to expect. If they don’t have access their company office may. Monitoring is a standard now throughout the solar industry. It is used to troubleshoot and make warranty claims as well as provide people real-time awareness of the power their solar is producing.

Solar Online Monitoring Now an Industry Standard

Taking a look at online monitoring for existing systems will help you judge whether or not the numbers you are hearing will be accurate. Also the fact that a company offers monitoring is a sign that they are offering quality products and installation practices.

Types of Solar Ownership

There are three types of solar ownership. Cash customers buy their solar installation outright. Financed customers try to achieve a monthly payment lower than that of their electric company. Leased solar owners allow an installation to proceed, then make a payment to a third-party owner of the solar installed on their roof.

Incentives Available to Solar Buyers

There are many incentives and rebates both at the state, federal and county level to help lower the cost of purchasing solar. Ask your solar salesperson about them. It’s also helpful to research solar incentives in your area with an online search.

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