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Global Warming – Causes and Effects

Global Warming – Causes and Effects from INTEGRATED ENERGY on Vimeo.

Causes of Global Warming

Global warming is a crisis stoked by our dependence on fossil fuels for energy. We all contribute to carbon pollution. Even if one person makes changes in their life to avert this threat to survival, the human population will still contribute.

Because every time we drive a combustion vehicle, work agriculture, fill up landfills and make fast and the furious movies, we’re adding to the CO2, CH4 and N2O in the atmosphere. These are the gasses that trap heat from the sun, make the earth hotter and cause all sorts of undesired environmental results as they build up.

Consequences of Global Warming

Since this video published the greatest consequence of global warming has been the 89% die-off of the Great Barrier Reef. That’s the largest organism on planet earth. It’s roughly 8,000 years old.

Each area of the planet will be affected differently as the Earth gets hotter and sea levels rise. This is what is happening as each of us continues to live as we are accustomed.

To a certain degree we can adapt, but there’s real danger in ignoring the problem completely. Consequences of green house gas pollution can be unpredictable – and deadly.

One of the most concerning scenarios is the potential shutdown of the circulating currents that bring life to our oceans. The coming change in ocean temperatures may slow these underwater processes on which many species depend on for life in our seas.

What if nothing is done to fight global warming?

As food goes so goes our societies. For more than 500 years the Mayan civilization thrived in stone cities until shortages of food lead to the abandonment of their settlements.

We must be careful to appreciate the potential consequences of our current addiction to fossil fuels. The effects of climate change are that of nature. Nature is unpredictable at times and we depend on it for survival.

Solutions Against Global Warming

You can take action to fight global warming, but you can do so much more to bring about changes in how our society fights global warming. Follow the link to a study on climate change in Florida. You’ll also find recommendations on legislation strategies you can help implement to fight climate change.

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